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A Must See for Anyone with Cancer   (DVD Not available anymore)

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This is an intensely researched DVD, containing information that will absolutely astound the viewer. Much of the information in this DVD has never been revealed before, and will cause most viewers to seriously reevaluate the entire cancer issue. In this 2-hour video, Mike Anderson challenges the viewer with the following: “If you think conventional treatments cure cancer…If you think diet cannot cure cancer…THINK AGAIN!”

This spectacular 2-hour, thoroughly documented video, will keep you riveted to the screen. It is divided into two 1-hour sections: Section (1) deals with the medical approach to cancer, and provides devastating documentation, documentation clearly revealing that current cancer treatments are not designed to cure cancer, but rather to bring in tons of money to those in the cancer business.

Section (1) leaves most viewers not only angry, but also vowing to never accept conventional treatments for cancer. Unbelievable information everyone should have the opportunity of knowing. Before viewing this video, I knew a lot about the cancer industry, but had never seen so powerfully the link between cancer and money, and the ruthless steps being taken to protect those getting rich at the expense of others.

Section (2) shows the viewer how, through proper diet and lifestyle, one can almost always reverse and even cure cancer as well as most other diseases.

Everyone needs the information contained on this DVD, because it not only can potentially save the viewer’s life, but also the lives of friends and loved ones. Also, the information on this DVD clearly reveals why thousands of people who have turned to Diet and Lifestyle as their cancer therapy, have been able to give testimony of recovery from not only cancer, (some cancers even stage 4 and metastasized), but over 170 other physical problems.

Presented by Mike Anderson with

T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.
The China Study