DVD – EATING – The RAVE Diet 3rd Edition


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This is the perfect accompaniment and has all the information to put into practice in detail, all the principles discussed in the “Healing Cancer – Inside Out DVD”.The DVD outlines very simple dietary rules doctors use to successfully treat and reverse a wide range of diseases, particularly our number one killer, cardiovascular disease. In fact, it is endorsed by doctors from The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, who are interviewed in the DVD, one of whom reversed severe heart disease by following The RAVE Diet. The award-winning “Eating DVD” covers a lot of ground very comprehensively – and all within 88 short minutes. If you know someone with heart disease – who doesn’t? – this will probably be the most valuable film they will ever watch – and from authorities with impeccable credentials. And if you eat to prevent heart disease, you will also prevent the other major chronic diseases that are plaguing Western nations. You will also hear from Dr. Heidrich who, after surgery, treated her breast cancer without chemotherapy, radiation or any other conventional treatments by following The Rave Diet. The Eating DVD is used in wellness clinics throughout the world to motivate people to change their diets and restore their health.